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Medical Services

  • Women's Health

      • Papsmear
      • Breast Screen
      • Contraception advice
      • Implanon and IUD
      • Insertions (Mirena and Copper-T)
      • Polycystic Ovaries
      • Menstrual Issues
      • Infertility
      • Sexually transmitted infections

  • Children's Health

      Most of our GPs have Diploma in Child Health dealing with childhood illness, rashes, new born check, health assessments, milestone assessment, obesity, growth and development issues, fussy eating etc.
  • Men's Health

      • i-care Medical provides care to men from all ages dealing with basic health concerns and provides specialist advice.

  • Diagnostic

      • ECG
      • BSL
      • Urine Analysis
      • Spirometry
      • Pregnancy test

  • Full Pathology Service

      • Blood collection,
      • Urea breath test,
      • Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests etc

  • Geriatrics/Aged Care

      Specialist service for health care of our elderly patients.

  • Childhood Immunisation

    All childhood immunisation are available.
  • Travel Vaccinations

    Travel vaccination available.

      • Hep A
      • HepB
      • Typhoid
      • Yellow fever
      • Meningococcal etc

  • Skin Cancer Screening

    Skin check, mole check, skin protection advice etc
  • Suturing and Minor surgical procedures

    Incision and drainage, lacertaion repair, excision and biopsy, punch biopsy
  • Treatment of Simple Fractures

    Application of plaster and fiberglass cast
  • Preventative Health Care

      • Breast check
      • Pap smear
      • Smoking cessation treatment and counselling
      • Cancer screening
      • Alcohol cessation.

  • Work Cover

      • Work Cover certificate
      • Capacity to Work Certificate
      • Return to work assessment
      • Employment checks

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