Shelly graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree. She began her clinical practice early as physio assistant under supervision from 2015 in different health sectors, including private practice, age care and sports club. Since then she has mainly focus on sports injuries and musculoskeletal health, other clinical interests include:

  • Badminton/upper limb injuries
  • Musician-related injuries
  • Spinal overuse injuries
  • Myofascial conditions
  • Dry needling
  • Post operation rehabilitation
  • Pilates
  • Women’s health

Shelly is committed to continuous professional development and evidence-based practice. She has undertaken many courses and workshops to expand her clinical skills. Currently she is working towards the SFMA and CSCS certification which are both strong tools in rehabilitation for high-level athletes. She has been able to apply these principles of practice for different sports clubs such as football, AFLs, badminton and MMA.

Apart from work, Shelly plays badminton at a competitive level and her experience in rehabilitation for sports injuries as both being an athlete and physio has enhanced her professional care significantly. Her experience of competing internationally from a young age in piano, Shelly also realised the need to promote the idea of functional training and optimizing fitness for musicians.

Patients with valid EPC plan will be bulk billed .